Welcome To Amplogic

Amplogic Studios is a complete Audio and Music Production and Post Facility for the next generation of Audio and Music professionals. We are equipped to provide a unique & creative environment to facilitate the development of a fresh, new and revolutionary wave of music in the independent, advertising and film industry in this country. Our intention is to provide musicians/composers/sound engineers with all the correct tools and infrastructure to deliver their vision to the best of our ability.

We also want to create a sense of community around the studio. We want to encourage collaborations between different artists and composers because the exchange of ideas will really spark innovation and growth which is necessary to push the boundaries of what is possible. We need to learn from each other and teach each other and grow with each other.

We look forward on helping independent artists to get their compositions recorded and mixed at an international level of quality and at the same time we would like to build our reputation in the realm of advertising and film as we will be providing a very professional, organized and above industry standard facility and service.

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