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Equipped with High end Recording, Mixing and Mastering facilities, We also help produce your music and ensure it’s release across platforms

DAW – Logic Pro X, Protools, Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, Nuendo, Mixbus 32

Apmlogic’s aim as a music production studio and expert sound engineers is to work closely with you on what you want to achieve on your recordings.

Our approach is collaborative, it’s your name that’s associated with your music and we are mindful of that in the way that we work.

You can hear a wide range of examples of professional music recordings on our audio player below

  • You could be a solo singer, songwriter or composer requiring musical accompaniment on a Demo or Master.
  • You might be a band making a single or an album.
  • Perhaps you are a multi-instrumentalist who just needs a great music production service or a company requiring original music for your project.
  • Even if you are a lyricist and don’t play any instruments – whoever and wherever you are – Offbeat can help realize your musical ideas.
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