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Voice Over

Voice Over have an almost endless list of applications in the entertainment and service industries. It’s important to record with high quality equipment, in a comfortable and acoustically isolated environment with good direction, to ensure the best possible performance.

Music Recording

High quality, professional recordings are the backbone of any record, or audio piece. Whether you’re tracking guitars for an EP, or recording vocals or drums, our collection of microphones and recording hardware will start your project on strong footing.

Film Post Production

We offer Dialogues, Music, Sound effects & Foley. It’s not just about laying down sounds but creating soundscapes that support the story and give an identity to your film. At Amplogic Studios, audio post-production and Music scoring go hand in hand for a collaborative effort through the entire process.
We also have access to a wide range of seasoned as well as upcoming composers to help you find the right talent.

Music Production

Apmlogic’s aim as a music production studio and expert sound engineers is to work closely with you on what you want to achieve on your recordings.

Our approach is collaborative, it’s your name that’s associated with your music and we are mindful of that in the way that we work.

You can hear a wide range of examples of professional music recordings on our audio player below

  • You could be a solo singer, songwriter or composer requiring musical accompaniment on a Demo or Master.
  • You might be a band making a single or an album.
  • Perhaps you are a multi-instrumentalist who just needs a great music production service or a company requiring original music for your project.
  • Even if you are a lyricist and don’t play any instruments – whoever and wherever you are – Offbeat can help realise your musical ideas.


Mixing is the process of refining, polishing, and balancing your recorded tracks into a cohesive, professional sounding mix. Using DAWs, a combination of plugins and hardware processing, we create powerful, clear, and dynamic mixes that push your music to its full potential.

We offer mixing for projects that we have recorded, but also remote sessions where you and us mix the audio you have previously tracked.


Mastering is the all-important final step in audio production, using EQ, compression, and limiting to make your work ready for commercial release.

We master remotely, and provide a loud and transparent result no matter the genre or product.

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