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Record / Mix and Master your tracks at our prime facility

“Where creativity meets quality.”

We are passionate to capture the “soul” of any instrument we record. We offer highly specialized rooms and recording techniques with a wide selection of equipment and microphone list to our users. Every space is deliberately designed and treated to sound pristine.

“Finishing touches.”

The finishing touches of a mix are just like the signature on an exquisite piece of art. It won’t just sound louder, it will sound better and bigger. We aspire to create a brand of every mix that comes our way.


Music creators like you have songs to share with the world. No matter what your genre, you’re passionate about your music, and you care about the quality of your sound.

But when it comes to recording music, many musicians and songwriters struggle with technological hurdles and steep software learning curves.

Amplogic Audio aims to overcome this challenge by helping you get the skills and confidence you need to record and produce your own music.

We provide you an integrated platform to record your music or vocals

We carry out some step-by –step methods to provide you the best output.

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The studio mainly runs through STUDIO ONE, PRO TOOLS and LOGIC PRO X and wide range of other software and Plug-ins. We are equipped with all PRESONUS  set up along with large collections of microphones and outboard gears, enabling is to record a diverse range of instruments to a high standards. We also provides sessions for artists to come in work on their projects.

We are undertaking wide range of projects like,

  • Music Compositions
  • Composing Jingles and Rhymes for corporates.
  • Background Score for Short films
  • Voice-Over Projects
  • E-Learning Projects
  • Creating Contents for your YOUTUBE Channels


Mixing is the process of refining, polishing, and balancing your recorded tracks into a cohesive, professional sounding mix. Using DAWs, a combination of plugins and hardware processing, we create powerful, clear, and dynamic mixes that push your music to its full potential.

We offer mixing for projects that we have recorded, but also remote sessions where you and us mix the audio you have previously tracked.


Mastering is the all-important final step in audio production, using EQ, compression, and limiting to make your work ready for commercial release.

We master remotely, and provide a loud and transparent result no matter the genre or product.

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